Friday, September 7, 2012

Good Advice

You've probably been to a few showers where the hostess asks you to write down advice for the guest of honor. I know I've been to quite a few and have also been the recipient. There have been times lately where I'm in the middle of this huge problem (you know, the kid's homework!) and needed some advice. Where are those little slips of paper then? Probably in a box with one of the invitations, the confetti, the special little trinkets that I kept, fully intending to scrapbook...Of course now I don't even know where that box is!

So I was thinking, now that I've been married a while and had the kids, what advice would I give myself?

  • Never  run out of milk...and hot dogs.
  • Pick out school clothes the night before, that goes for lunches & snacks too.
  • At least every season go through the toys and box up more than half of them, then switch the toys so they are "fresh" again.
  • Remember that kids outgrow underwear & socks too.
  • What good is it to have gloves, hats, coats & snow pants if I forgot to buy snow boots?
  • They don't need birthday parties every year.
  • Go on a vacation that the husband likes too, then Disney every time after that.
  • Adjust to eating dinner by yourself during family meals, by the time you sit down to eat everyone is done.
  • Wear the nice pajamas every once in a while. And jewelry too.
  • Try to declutter the house before bed, even if that means putting everything in a laundry basket and putting it in the closet until the next day.
  • Stop at one.
If you have any to add, I'd love to hear them!!

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