Monday, June 11, 2012

It's about time...

I just started writing a blog, wait, I actually just started reading blogs not that long ago…I’m a couple years behind.

I’ve only been texting and using a smartphone for just over a year…I’m a couple years behind.

I have finally come to terms with my unruly curly hair, full-sized curvy body and non-creative, not-too-bright self…quite a few years behind.

But really, who I am racing against? Whose timetable am I trying to follow? Any time is the right time, when it’s right. My friends have the latest gadgets and styles, and sometimes I find myself worrying that if I don’t get in on the bandwagon that I’m missing out on something. Who’s pressuring me?

…I’m my own worst enemy


  1. Great post, Darcy! Love that you are doing this. Can't wait to read more.